About Us

Our Mission:

The mission of the dA Center for the Arts, a diverse, multi-discipline, non-profit organization is to enhance the quality of life for the greater community by educating and providing opportunities to experience, appreciate and support the arts. The dA believes that providing an avenue for self-expression for all ages and all populations is essential in bridging the distance from alienation to community. The dA believes that art does not discriminate and more importantly it offers a universal language for shared dialogue which increases understanding which is vital to empowering, transforming, healing and building communities. Since its inception the dA has never wavered from providing a place where people can take a stake in culture as a hobby, a profession, or an interested observer. Art enhances the quality of life and the dA is accessible to everyone in an inviting atmosphere. The dA unlike any other cultural organization in the surrounding Pomona community invites, encourages, educates, evolves individual’s artistic spirit and in turn enhances the quality of life for the person as well as the community at large.

Our Programs:

An array of exhibitions, studio art classes and workshops, the Art Link program, a concert, cinema, dance and poetry venue, a volunteer and internship program, and a gallery store featuring local artisans’ are all the programs that paint the portrait of the dA Center for the Arts. The dA Center for the Arts exhibition venue offers unlike any other arts organization, a place for aspiring artists to experience having their artwork on display in a professional and esteemed gallery setting. This opportunity is available to students of all ages, hobby artists, and emerging and professional artists. The art courses are affordable and range from classic with life drawing opportunities to contemporary with creative computer art courses. The infusion of experimental to traditional musical concerts as well as performances of dance and poetry complete and enhance the multidisciplinary experience that the dA Center for the Arts, endorses and promotes for all ages and populations.

Our History:

In the late 1970s, four local artists with a need for space to create and exhibit established the dA Gallery in the shell of a building located in the once vibrant and thriving downtown of Pomona, CA. With no money, 6000 square feet, and a passion to share the love of art, these visionaries sparked and contributed to the revitalization of a very significant historic community. Once established in their studio space, the dA Gallery artists and operations evolved and became a leading hub for emerging artists. The dA provided much needed exhibition and studio space, as well as leadership for a creative and growing community of artists. These efforts began to breath life back into a divided community.

In 1984, the dA leaders addressed the undeniable need and importance of providing a cultural center for artists as well as the residents and changed the dA Gallery to the dA Center for the Arts to better reflect the expanded offerings of the organization’s operations.

In 1988 the dA Center for the Arts incorporated and in 1989 received its non-profit status. A Board of Directorscomprised of artists was established. The dA Board continued to prioritize the need for the dA to serve as a community galvanizer by administering art programs to students in the school district as well as college graduates from the neighboring universities.

In 1996 the dA operations moved to their current facility, which is a three story storefront space with 12,000 square feet that offers exhibition/multi use space, studio/classroom space, a store featuring local artisan’s work, a kitchen space with a micro wave and refrigerator and offices.

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