Board of Directors

Chris Toovey



dA Member since 1984

“Gold it’s the Gold” I wanted to support a place that believes the arts are for everyone, and that the arts are a universal language, and how they describe who we all are. I wanted to support a place where artists could show their work free of any esthetics pre-judgment, and a place where experiment is encouraged. I’ve been a Board Member for 28 years and President for 25 years. It seems that our role in the community is to help create, nurture which expands our community and is a place for cultural exchange under the banner of fine arts.

Jack Edwards


Craftsman in Multi Media

dA Member since 2000

I am a craftsman in various media and have been the Treasurer of the dA Board for 12 years. I believe the dA serves as a arts educator to the entire community, and I’m very passionate about the survival and the flourishing of the dA and what it stands for.

Cher Ofstedahl-Leal


Executive Director, Children’s Foundation of America

Chief Administrative Officer, Trinity Youth Services/Advanced Education Services

dA Board member since 2006

Serving as a Secretary of the dA Board since 2008, I am also the Executive Director of the Children’s Foundation of America and Chief Administrative Officer of the Trinity Youth and Advanced Education Services. I joined the board because I would like to serve the dA, in some capacity, for all the rest of my days. The dA Center is a vital and vibrant collaborative of “beautiful hearts” and a necessary conduit for artistic and social interaction. I have been a Board member for five years and see the dA Center as a very real and physical representation of the artistic soul of the community that changes lives. It affords opportunities to create, relate and associate with the arts and the artistically inclined. The dA is my church!


Ken Bencomo

Assistant Principal for the School of Arts and Enterprise, (SAE) Pomona, CA

dA Board Member since 2014

As a high school English teacher and department chair, Ken created courses that motivated his students by infusing his curriculum with creative projects, students’ voice and the integration of technology. He has also taught studio art, drawing, dance, photography and yearbook classes. Throughout his sixteen years as an educator, Ken is passionate about empowering youth to explore all the arts to build better community.  His present work at the SAE, which includes administration over the arts, school productions and community events, offers exciting collaborative opportunities with the dA. His insights on how to best serve Pomona’s youth are a welcomed addition to the Board.


Joy McAllister Fox

Fine Artist/Painter/Commercial Art

dA Board Member since 1999

As a fine artist, painter, and musician with commercial artwork as a muralist, faux finisher, and Trompe L’oeil, the dA Center has been my main platform for showing my work. I started off as a volunteer, helping when needed, and have been showing my work at the dA since it’s inception in 1984. The dA has been my artist’s lifeblood and the pillar of the Art Colony here in Pomona. That is why I have become a Board Member and have been serving since 1999. I believe that without the help from volunteers we couldn’t thrive or survive.

Phillip Graffham

Art Gallery Manager/Curator

dA Board Member since 1986

I am motivated by a sense of commitment to the mission of the dA and to its founders and volunteers. I am also motivated by the dA itself, by the events, the artwork presented and by its important place in the community. I look forward to seeing the dA and its programs and service grow within the community, and expand into the greater Los Angeles area.


Helen Musharbash

dA Board Member since 2014

Helen Musharbash has mentored peers, managed budgets, and researched grants so we are elated to welcome her as our most recent Board Member to the dA Center for the Arts.  Helens vitality has enabled her to accomplish the active involvement she possesses with the local community to improve fundamental life.  Helen is a Master of Science in Health Sciences: Community Health Education graduate from Western University of Health Sciences in 2010, so she is sensitive to the needs of people.  In her current role, the LEAD Wellbeing Initiative Coordinator, Helen understands the necessity to establish a connection between the students, staff, and faculty to its neighboring cultures and subcultures. Helen has traveled abroad as a research student in Thailand and on a mission trip as part of an 80 person team to Nairobi, Kenya.  We look forward to Helens collaboration with the dA.


Dina Romero

Local Small Business Owner

dA Board member since 1998

 I have been serving as a dA Board Member since 1998. As a local small business owner of Romero Metal sculpture and co-creator of the 2nd St. sculpture park, I believe the dA Center makes a difference in the community. I enjoy being a part of this group and seeing the positive changes it has made in the arts community.


Conchi Sanford

Artist, Curator, Marketing Professional

dA Board Member since 2012

I am an artist, curator and Marketing Professional with a need and a passion to give by working within a non-profit organization like the dA. I received my Bachelors of Fine Art from California State University, Long Beach and my Masters of Fine Art from Claremont Graduate University. Since my introduction to the dA three years ago, I felt a need to not just be a part of it, but also contribute to its outreach in the community. Over the past 10 years I have worked with and watched other programs grow and flourish within the non-profit sector and feel passionate about what they stand for with members that have maintained an open, embracing attitude and mission statement; they open their doors to everyone. I am motivated to help make this a center that is thriving with endless artistic possibilities to children and adults alike. I am truly excited and blessed to be on the Board of Directors. I feel it is my opportunity to give back to the community what it has given to so many.







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