The dA’s long history in the Pomona Arts Colony has been ripe with expression, representation, and experimentation in all forms of art. From murals to performance art and even to community outreach, the dA has been a mainstay of creativity that is of upmost importance to the entire community of Pomona.

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The dA has at times been the only avenue of expression for various musicians within the past 30 years and has acted revolutionary in the construction of being a bridge between the greater Inland Empire and the rest of Los Angeles County/World. The early 90’s saw the dA as being host to a connected live television streamed celebration of the fall of the Berlin Wall that happened in both Los Angeles and Berlin; the Pomona experience entitled “Berlin at the New Frontier.” This event featured legendary death rock act Shadow Project, Buckethead’s former band Deli Creeps, Grandpas Become a Fungus, and other creative local acts. The dA also became a location for musicians to record their music videos, helping combine auditory stimulation with visual impact (Music Video by Desperation Squad – “Serious Love). Into the 2000’s the dA played host to many bands and events, notably when Shrimper Records celebrated their 20 year anniversary of existence by hosting a tribute night to the 909 legendary wonk-punk act WCKR SPGT. Shrimper Records invited guests from all over Southern California including Glen Galloway’s (of ex-Truman’s Water/Current Octagrape) experimental Christian Hip Hop Soul-Junk, the ever productive-inventive-prolific Franklin Bruno, local legends of the 909 punk scene itself Desperation Squad, and many others.

In recent history the dA has experienced a renaissance in art, movement, community outreach, and programs for children. Within this renaissance the concert series has unearthed itself into a new era that is not only safe but has also become home base to a scene that is largely quirky, off-hand, queer, femme, and political. With events that range from celebrating a queer experience, to being a womyn, and to call out the oppressive nature of mainstream entertainment, the dA’s concert series is beyond the bounds of being just a concert experience. It is an arena where art, bodies, politics, anger, love, and music intersect.


October 2019

Over the last few years, Latin American artist Juan Wauters has covered a lot of ground, both artistically and geographically. In 2016, Wauters directed the film Romane en Juin in the Southwest of France and in 2017 he performed for the first time in his birthplace of Uruguay. He’s also been traveling Latin America extensively, taking time to pause and rethink his life, his art and his career after releasing two critically acclaimed albums on Captured Tracks, 2014’s N.A.P.: North American Poetry and 2015’s Who Me?.

As both time and place often have a unique influence on music, Wauters originally planned to record his next album while traveling, seeking a break from his life in New York City, the city he has called home since moving from Montevideo in 2002. He settled in Mexico City in 2017 to focus on writing. However, shortly after, he was offered a role in an independent film being shot in Argentina. Never one to turn down a creative opportunity, Wauters packed up his 100 pound mobile recording studio into two suitcases and took off to Buenos Aires. When filming was complete, Wauters wound up writing and recording all over Latin America — from Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, and Chile to Mexico and Puerto Rico — seeking collaboration at every stop with local musicians who embody the traditions and energies specific to each region.

Puerto Rico was one of his first destinations. At a restaurant on the way to Charco Azul in Guavate – a natural swimming hole – Wauters heard a duo playing boleros, music he has been familiar with since his early childhood, but had never experienced in its original context. Those boleros would inspire the repeating melody that makes up the infectious love song, “Guapa.” Later, Mexico City was to become the home of “A Volar,” a beautiful, buoyant track about dreaming wildly that features multiple musicians that Wauters met in Garibaldi, a popular square in Mexico City where musicians for hire gather. Later, he would trek to Buenos Aires, Santiago and Montevideo, creating music and incorporating local traditions into his idiosyncratic, captivating yarns.

Until this point in his career, most of his songs had been sung in English, but revisiting his Latin roots inspired him to record songs in his native tongue. Thus, Wauters gives us the wonderful La Onda de Juan Pablo, the world of Juan Pablo Wauters.

March 2018

July 2017

Join us for a night of great music, great art, and great causes. Free, but donations are encouraged. Proceeds will go to Uncommon Good, a local non-profit that provides support and empowerment to local working class families through youth mentoring and tutoring programs, affordable organic produce, and many other ways.

We’re going to be hosting a drum circle as well, led by Jason, so you can jam along with the performances.

The Pomona art walk is happening 6-9 in the area. Downtown Pomona comes alive with independent art galleries, art and music shows, food and craft vendors, and more.

South of Mars (Funky, Soulful Jams)
Driftwood Daydream (Indie Rock)
Fayleen Morrow (Indie Singer-Songwriter)
Top-Shelf Shake (Reggae Rock)
Jam session/Sing-Along


Robert Maule, a songwriter and music producer based in LA. believes in community, compassion, and artistic expression, and he hopes to raise much-needed funds and awareness for groups that support immigrants while bringing members of the community together. Robert organized a successful concert to raise money for Planned Parenthood in February, and are hoping to expand on that success.

Uncommon Good ( is a fabulous non-profit that works out of a rad adobe building in Claremont, whose mission is to “Empower families through education, medicine, and the environment.” They have a program that connects local doctors with low-income patients, they run an organic farm with affordable healthy produce for sale, and they provide mentoring and tutoring programs for local low-income students. I personally planned and taught a few SAT and ACT classes at their center to help local high school students prepare for college.

The mission of the dA Center for the Arts (, a diverse, multi-discipline, non-profit organization is to enhance the quality of life for the greater community by educating and providing opportunities to experience, appreciate and support the arts. Since the late 1970s, the dA has provided an array of exhibitions, studio art classes and workshops, the Art Link program, a concert, cinema, dance and poetry venue, a volunteer and internship program, and a gallery store featuring local artisans.

April 2017

February 24, 2017

October 2016


Friday 3rd – Beat Cinema Basement Sessions 007 w/ The Beat Cinema Resident DJ’s – 8PM/$5 Donation

Friday 10th – R.ariel (On Tour), Dead Recipe (On Tour), Bri White (On Tour), Margot Pauline, Lealani, softdrink, The Bedroom Witch -7PM/$7 Donation


Friday 1st – Beat Cinema Basement Sessions 008 w/ ??? – 8PM/$5 Donation

Saturday 2nd – Miscegenation and more, Night Control, Bastidas! – 8PM/$5 Donation
Friday 8th – The Party’s Over W/ Sarchasm, Demi and The Gods, Crowbaby, Silver Spring – 7PM/$5 Donation

Wednesday 13th – Fatty Cakes & The Puff Pastries (On Tour),  – 7PM/$5 Donation

Sunday 17th – Break The Laws Booking W/ .38 Snub (On Tour), No Altars (On Tour), Mercy Blow, sundowner, blackwater – 7PM/$10 Donation
Tuesday 19th – theurgist (On Tour), Ambersmoke (On Tour), Hollow Gem (On Tour), Misery Ritual – 7PM/$5 Donation

Friday 5th – Beat Cinema Basement Session 009 w/ ??? – 8pm/$5 Donation


Saturday 24th – Emperor X (On Tour), Voice On Tape, Halloween Swim Team, Stay Cool Forever, Tall Tales and The Silver Lining

Saturday 29th – Norse Horse, No Paws, N.O.W.

Saturday 26th – Wonder Wheel, Kevin Greenspon, Ezra Buchla

Saturday 28th – Son of Cecil, Sean Pineda, Nicole Kidman, Former Selves

Saturday 31st – Mothers of Gut, Familiar Haunts, Falcon Eddy

Saturday 28th – Reighnbeau (On Tour), Body Parts, Corima

Tuesday 22nd – Whitman (On Tour), Ezra Buchla, Furniture Huschle, Falcon Eddy

Saturday 2nd – John Thill (On Tour), Comfort Slacks (On Tour), No Paws, Nicole Kidman

Saturday 29th – So Many Wizards, Pink Elephants, Geoff Geis, minor me

Saturday 24th – 51D, Shivering Window, The Cthulhus

Saturday 22nd – John Thill (On Tour), Whitman, Falcon Eddy, Torn Humorist

Saturday 2nd – Stephen Steinbrink (On Tour), Upside Drown (On Tour), Moses Campbell, Familiar Haunts
Saturday 16th – Hyena (On Tour), Shivering Window, Crisis Arm, Light Light, Infinity Dots

Saturday 2nd – Hyena/Elephant/Slums (On Tour), No Paws, Washing Machines, The Lowered
Saturday 23rd – The Quazarz, Bronson Caves, Black Stuff, She Knew

Saturday 6th – Velvet Penny, Typical Apache, Falcon Eddy, Courtaud and Bobtail, Ghost Hats

Friday 17th – The Cthulhus, Shivering Window, Modern Concert, Voice Altar, Fauves

Friday 14th – Remambran (On Tour), The Joyful Drags (On Tour), Crisis Arm, Nima, Wild Eyes
Saturday 15th – The Pocket Rockets, Hello Penelope, Crisis Arm, The Gravitys, Beanvian Stalks Guava, Beisbol
Friday 21st – No Regrets (On Tour), Barking Backwards, True Violence, Hollow, Frostbite
Saturday 22nd – Opacities, Dive Signals, tachde, Brandon Ralph
Sunday 23rd – Glochids (On Tour), Id M Theft Able (On Tour), A Magic Whistle (On Tour), The Lowered, Range of Light

Monday 24th – Hash, Apathean, Disclaimer, Witherandrot, Hiding Inside Victims
Sunday 30th – Friendfest 2013: Pioneer Atlantic, Typical Apache, SVVIPHT, Planet Vegeta, LRDS, Left Astray, Spring Break ’95, End of The Summer, Crisis Arm, Apathean, Ruptures, 51D, Light Light

Saturday 6th – Pomona and Friends 2013: The Brewsters, The Prehistoric, Glass Spell, Palm Reader, Crater Creator, Electro City, Nature’s Son, Speeks Geak, Black Jesus and The Experimentalist, Sounds of Noise
Friday 12th – Reighnbeau (On Tour), Light Light, Kevin Greenspon, Torn Humorist
Sunday 14th – Good Rocky’s Revolver, Creeps, REXX, Planet Vegeta, Le Zets
Saturday 20th – Ruptures, Dogs, LUUM, Cubby and The Bears, Controllers
Sunday 28th – St. Ranger (On Tour), Stay Cool Forever, Catheter, Courtaud and Bobtail, VVHTFVZZ, Take Pictures

Friday 2nd – Buddy HollyCo$t, Max Gualtieri & Max kUTNER, Grampus, Doston/Gualtieri duo, Ladies and Gentlemen, KREation Ensemble
Saturday 3rd – Clockwork Queer: Palm Reader, Vusiness Cats, Fauves, The No No’s, REXX, Jenkem Junkies, The No Faces
Sunday 4th – Dope By Design, Good Rocky’s Revolver, Anatomy of a Salesman, Ghost Sunset, Astral-Naut, Clitorait, The Herbalistics
Tuesday 6th – Tigon (On Tour), Rawpoon, G-SPoT, Same Difference
Wednesday 7th – Sheep’s Head, GOD, Noise Complaint, LUUM
Friday 9th – She Knew, The Cthulhus, Sean Patrick Sullivan, Typical Apache, Filardo, Morgue Toad, Shivering Window
Sunday 11th – Cogito, Nimbus Earth, Good Rocky’s Revolver, The Barrelhousers, Gypsy Jo
Monday 12th – The Lowered, Cholas On Unicycles, Chris Halo’s Rok N Rol Band, The Illustrative Violet
Tuesday 13th – KSPC Presents: Honey Bucket (On Tour), Take Pictures, Stephen Corpus, CREEPS, Stay Cool Forever, Velvet Penny
Friday 16th – Habibi (On Tour), Whit Murder, The Ugly Kids, Criminal Hygiene, The No No’s
Saturday 17th – Clothing Swap: MATH, Susy’s Owner, Jon Barba, Stupid Bummed, Le Zets, Good Rocky’s Revolver, Beanvian Stalks Guava, California Bleeding, Crisis Arm, Limerent Dance Machine, Habits, Planet Vegeta, Palm Tree Nursery, Stay Cool Forever
Sunday 18th – Brandon Ralph, Paperhouse, Idle

Friday 27th – Catheter, Silk Arc, HABITS, Take Pictures, Courtaud and Bobtail, Illimitable Abstract

Wed 30th – Basement (On Tour), The Lowered, The Cthulhus, VVHITFVZZ, Nicole Kidman, Big Sis

Friday 22nd – ASSS (On Tour), I.E., Amir Coyle, ALONE, Nicole Kidman
Monday 25th – Tiff@Shows: Week of Wonders (On Tour), Frisco Dykes, Pilgrims, Counter Culture, Nature’s Son
Sunday 30th – Close Quarters, LUUM, Subjection, Planet Vegeta, MPG

Wednesday 4th – Midlife Crisis Winery, Cubby and the Bears, The Illustrative Violet, Tails, Volcano Science Project
Friday 6th – Fauves, Psychopop, Infinity Dots, Walter Gross, Matthew Dotson
Sunday 8th – Wet Dream Asphyxiation, Koobaatoo Asparagus, Opacities, Brandon Ralph, Dive Signals
Tuesday 10th – Babylon Sweethearts, Big Sis, California No, The No Faves, Shaman Cult, Courtaud and Bobtail
Wednesday 11th – Bedcrumbs, MATH, Stupid Bummed, Velvet Penny, Shivering Window, Great Ghosts, 17AGAINAGAIN, Pet Rock, Suzy’s Dead, The Lowered, Restaurnaut
Wednesday 18th – Get Bent (On Tour), Mushroomcloud, Foul Play, Crude Dudes, Penalty
Friday 20th – Ancient Crux, Light Light, Take Pictures, Courtaud and Bobtail, Washing Machines
Saturday 21st – MATH, 17AGAINAGAIN, Suzy’s Dead, The Lowered, Inner Ecstasy, Bedcrumbs
Sunday 22nd – MPG, Cave State, Penalty, Close Quarters, Midlife Crisis Winery

Friday 3rd – Tiff@Shows: Bodegas, White Girl, Maggie Moon, Death Lens, CHILDREN
Sunday 12th – Stars Are Insane (On Tour), Nicole Kidman, Mycroft Holmes, MATH, BRAHMS, Light Light
Friday 17th –  Big Swamp Thunder (On Tour), Freddy Prince Krueger, Planet Vegeta, Dive Signals/Opacities Collaboration Set, MatthewDotson, Light Light, Stay Cool Forever
Friday 31st – Jurassic Shark, The Nest, Pilgrims, KIDS., The Frights, Palm Reader

Saturday 1st – FAUVES, Lawrence Lindell, Infinity Dots, SKRAPEZ, LOERA
Friday 7th – How To Be A Microwave: Bur Gur, Stay Cool Forever, Habits, The Lowered, Suzy’s Dead
Friday 14th – Greg Jaime/Colby Nathan/Greg Hartunian (On Tour), Roses, 51D, The Lowered
Saturday 15th – Ryan Jordan (On Tour), Pulsating Cyst, Wet Dream Asphyxiation, GX Jupitter-Larsen & AMK Collaboration, Crowhurst

Friday 14th – MOVE NIGHT – REPO MAN: LUUM, Crime Desire, Stoic Violence, Purse Dogs
Saturday 15th – Angel-1, Matthew Dotson, Silk Arc, Astral Jubilee, Grey Ghost
Saturday 22nd – Crem’e, Ghoul Abdul, Gypsy Eyes, Inner Ecstasy, Lawrence Lindell
Sunday 30th – Wet Dream Asphyxiation, The Pig Lady, XDUGEF, Kiran Arora, Vehicle Reversing Systems

Friday 4th – Emily Reo (On Tour), Cuddle Formation (On Tour), Fatty Cakes and The Puff Pastries (On Tour), Proto Nova, Wawa’s, Having Had Done

Saturday 26th – PORCH (On Tour), Batwings Catwings, Cinder Cone, Having Had Done

Saturday 17th – Emily Reo (On Tour), Cuddle Formation (On Tour), Kevin Greenspon, Stay Cool Forever
Sunday 18th – cleaninglady (On Tour), Igor Amokian, Black Artiodactyls, Actuary
Saturday 24th – Joseph Hammer, Damion Romero, Dolphins N Shit, Telecaves, Filthy Huns

Friday 6th – Having Had Done, Stay Cool Forever, Kevin Greenspon
Saturday 7th – Joe Newlin, Ezra Buchla, Matthew Dotson, MAKIND, Steev Bushemi
Friday 20th – Gypsy Mamba, Repeated Measures, Phantom Thrett, Wavee Brulee, DMM, Rick2fresh
Saturday 21st – Bryan Schuessler, Brandon Ralph, Boxed, Brent Mitzner

Saturday 19th – Peter J. Woods (On Tour), Kingston Family Singers (On Tour), Nephila, Bronze Eye, Brent Mitzner
Sunday 20th – Juniper Tree Songs Fest Volume 1: Shivering Window, Stupid Bummed, MATH, Eye Seas, The Cthulhus, Sean Patrick Sullivan, Morgue Toad

Friday 1st – Alan S. Tofighi & Nouroboros, Coward, David Allen, Pure Shit
Saturday 2nd – Twin Braids, Dolphins N Shit, Afterhours, Anenon Ft. Jon Kyle, Brent Mitzner, Angel-1, Rodent, Mike Dobler, Identity Plus, Tholos, Vj Franz K
Friday 15th – Beat Cinema: Mike T, Tek.Lun, Captain Kirk, Gypsy Mamba, Wave Groove, 7th Floor Villians, DMM, Rick G
Sunday 24th – My Name is ANN! (On Tour), Allegory Chapel LTD, Bandito Overlord, Contreciel, AEthos, Delta-6400

Saturday 6th – Former Selves (On Tour), L’ile Pica (On Tour), Them Are Us Too (On Tour), Conctreciel, Eisenhower
Tuesday 16th – Gossimer (On Tour), Casey Chisholm, ALONE, Damaris Paz, Courtaud and Bobtail
Sunday 19th – Stay Cool Forever, Planet Vegeta, She Knew, Randy Wolf, OGIE

Friday 17th – Beat Cinema: MNDSN, AFTA-1, Repeated Measures, ARTI, DMM, Rick G, Dropdead
Saturday 18th – CURSE (On Tour), Lower Tar, Gremlock, eisenhower, Contreciel

Friday 21st – Beat Cinema: DMN SLYR, Chaos Kid, Last Name David, DMM, Rick G. DJ Dropdead, Gypsy Mamba

Sunday 7th – Underpass (On Tour), Ghost Noise, Cruelty Code, Media Jeweler, Err
Monday 15th – Columba Fasciata (On Tour), Chauchaut (On Tour), Kevin Greenspon, The Lowered, Stupid Bummed
Friday 19th – Beat Cinema X Cat Cult: Prayers, DMN SLYR, Angels Dust, DJ Dee Dee, DMM, Rick G., DJ Dropdead, Wave Groove
Saturday 20th – LUUM, Pure Shit, Mynx, Dead Space

Wednesday 7th – Desert Center (On Tour), Take Pictures, Young Lovers, Randy Wolf
Wednesday 14th – Stars Are Insane (On Tour), C.J. Boyd (On Tour), Shivering Window, TOOTHLESS
Sunday 18th – Morning Hands (On Tour), New Ruin, Frisco Dykes, The Lowered, Band Aparte
Friday 23rd – Lower Tar, Kirilov, J. De Sosa, eisenhower, Crisis Arm, Randy Wolf

Monday 23rd – Siobhan (On Tour), Fairlight Empress, LFA

Friday 27th – Beat Cinema Basement Session w/ Bur Bur, Chip Monk, Soslo, JAZ, Dibia$e, Low Key, DMM, RICK2FRESH, DJ Dropdead, WaveGroove, Gypsy Mamba, Repeated Measures
Saturday 28th – Refrigerator/Shrimper Records 25th Anniversary Thing

Wednesday 1st – Colby Nathan (On Tour), Gloam House, Orange Day-Glo, MATH
Sunday 5th – New Wave Easter: Shivering Window, The Cthulhus, Steady Lean, Restaurnaut, Ghost Noise
Tuesday 7th – Kimya Dawson (On Tour), Pablo Das, Refrigerator
Wednesday 8th – Ambersmoke, Stay Cool Forever, Andrew Quinones, Esmoladera
Friday 10th – Sashcloth and Axes, Digital Dungeon, Deadbeat Debauchery
Sunday 12th – Islands and Tigers, JOOS., The Vibekills, The Whig Whams, The Shady Francos
Wednesday 15th – The Illustrative Violet, Son of Cecil, HABITAT
Saturday 18th – Brown Bread (On Tour), Brent Mitzner, EH46, The Lowered, Kevin Greenspon
Sunday 19th – ALONE, Sacred Destinies, MATH
Wednesday 22nd – GataTECH, Big Epoch, Igor Amokian, DJ E-Spinfiniti, J3M5, O.C.D.
Sunday 26th – The Up and Up: She Knew, Bad Trails, Ghost Noise, Unorthodox Methods
Wednesday 29th – Crisis Arm (On Tour), Hair Perfect, Damaris Paz

Friday 1st – Jeph Jerman + Tim Barnes Duo, Vehicle Reversing Systems
Sunday 3rd – Legal Support for Baltimore Benefit: Renais (On Tour), VRIL, TRAP GIRL, YAAWN, Recluse, All My Wishes Were Thrown Down A Well And Should Die There
Tuesday 5th – Shana Falana (On Tour), ALONE, Proto Nova, Bummer Kult
Sunday 10th – BFF Fest Benefit: MATH, TOOTHLESS, The Stereo Soul Movement, Galactacat, Littlest Sister, Family Friends
Wednesday 13th – Simon Joyner (On Tour), Refrigerator
Friday 15th – Lawrence Lindell, Gypsy Eyes, Corbo, Triton Bloom, Sleepy Eyes, RICK2FRESH, DMM, DJ Dropdead, WaveGroove, Gypsy Mamba, Repeated Measures
Saturday 16th – Foster Body (On Tour), Them Are Us Too, The Victoriana, Post Life
Sunday 17th – Clipcord, Topanga Patchouli, Cel Damage, Splintered Hands, Gun/Her, Bad Bikini
Wednesday 20th – Frisco Dykes, Stay Cool Forever, OGIE, Clipcord
Friday 22nd – Gorgeous Vermillion, I.E., Sister Mantos
Sunday 24th – The Up and Up: Tierra Madre, The Noir, Joydroid, The Great Late, Jeremy Ayala
Wednesday 27th – Frisco Dykes, PROTECT ME, Ruiins, Centre
Sunday 31st – The Up and Up: Hillary Chillton, Art Zavala Jr, The 87’s, Citizen Ghost, Bad Bikini, No Chill

Wednesday 3rd – Frisco Dykes, Post Life, Venus and The Traps, Hair Perfect
Wednesday 10th – Adobe Homes (On Tour), American Thunder Band (On Tour), Cry The Monarch, Splintered Hands, VRIL
Friday 12th – LUUM, Personal Best, Pure Shit
Saturday 13t – Beat Cinema Basement Sessions: DJ Harrison, Sound Genesis, Harris Cole, Ian Ewing, KONE, DMM, RICK2FRESH, DJ Dropdead, Wave Groove, Repeated Measures
Wednesday 17th – Randy Wolf, Gloam House, PAUX, Morgue Toad
Friday 19th – John Thill, Hug Of War, Morning Hands, Sci-Fi Caper, Fatty Cakes and The Puff Pastries, Shivering Window, Young Lovers, OGIE, Stupid Bummed, MATH, Kara’s Walk Home
Tuesday 23rd – Tiff@Shows: Kaz Mirblouk (On Tour), Party Cuts, JOOS.

Tuesday 7th – Oh, Rose (On Tour), Shivering Window, West America, PAUX, Shojo Winter
Friday 10th – WCKR SPGT, Witches of Malibu, Too Fat To Die, Bedcrumbs
Sunday 12th – Dead Recipe (On Tour), Tony Tricks (On Tour), Unctuous Rump, Stay Cool Forever, Hair Perfect
Wednesday 15th – Sam Gas Can (On Tour), Bastion Void (On Tour), Restaurnaut, little prince xoxo
Friday 17th – CATACOMBS: Shrouds, Headdress, Moribund Rodents, Sea of Centuries
Saturday 18th – Andrew Weathers Ensemble (On Tour), Amps For Christ, The Essentialists (John Krausbauer and David Kendall Duo), Ezra Buchla
Friday 24th – Perennial Rell (On Tour), The Lentils (On Tour), Grape Room (On Tour), Take Pictures, The Lowered
Sunday 26th – Avi Buffalo, ALONE, Nelly Kate, Typical Organ, Take Pictures
Friday 31st – Beat Cinema Basement Session: King, Jincallo, Toy Light, Jake Jenkins, ARTI, DMM, RICK2FRESH, DJ Dropdead, Wave Groove, Repeated Measures

Thursday 6th – Beat Cinema Fringe Residency – Liquid Geometry Collective: Eigenheimer, SLEEVE, Mastah Syphe, Mystery Cave, MAST
Friday 7th – Beat Cinema Fringe Residency – Voidshift Collective: Wave Groove, Nick Pacoli, Paul Elsewho, Triton Bloom, Brian Folk, FAE, Rick G
Saturday 8th – Beat Cinema Fringe Residency – Beat Cinema Collective: DMM, Rick G, DJ Dropdead, Wave Groove, Jerms, Picasso@LRG, Petit Abri
Sunday 9th – Beat Cinema Fringe Residency – Senzu Collective: Blue Crew, Pink Siifu, Plasthma, Darth N-, Klevah, Black Lagoon, Tom Bombadil
Wednesday 19th – Malportado Kids (On Tour), GeGe Gunn, softdrink, Frisco Dykes
Sunday 23rd – Birote The Musical, Astral-Nauts, Happy in Hemet, Concrete Waves, Killer Tofu, Tomber Lever, Hephty Martinez, Joey Greaseball Palmerin, Chanandalar Keeks, Wonders Trillion, Rey
Sunday 30th – Diners (On Tour), The Potential Lunatics, JOOS., West America, Symphonie
Monday 31st – Ugly Lovers (On Tour), All My Wishes Were Thrown Down A Well And Should Die There (On Tour) basta basta (On Tour), TRAP GIRL, Frisco Dykes, little prince xoxo

Wednesday 2nd – Human Behavior (On Tour), Karima Walker (On Tour), Restaurnaut, RS Pineda, Damaris Paz
Friday 11th – Post Dominance, Sea of Centuries, Moribund Rodents, Gremlock, Cthtr
Sunday 13th – No Altars (On Tour), Troubled (On Tour), Goliath, Bite Back, Iron Curtain
Tuesday 15th – Courtaud and Bobtail (On Tour), Cruelty Code, Shojo Winter, Gloam House
Saturday 19th – ORRA (On Tour), angel-1, Plus True Light, Purity Control, Fields of Regret
Wednesday 23rd – Grinning Ghosts (On Tour), Astronaut Samurais, The High Curbs, MELTED
Friday 25th – Christian Michael Filardo (On Tour), Angelo Harmsworth (On Tour), Sasha Conda (On Tour), J. De Sosa, TOOTHLESS, Centre

Tuesday 20th – Matt Robidoux (On Tour), Frank Hurricane (On Tour), Wampum Physics, Stay Cool Forever
Wednesday 21st – Annapura (On Tour), Terror Cosmico (On Tour), Kid Teeth
Friday 23rd – Braeyden Jae (On Tour), Nathaniel Kennon Perkins (On Tour), Ghost Noise, Matthew Dotson, Gorgeous Vermillion
Friday 30th – HELL HOUSE: A Night of Queer Education with: Sister Mantos, Select Sex, French Vanilla, TRAP GIRL, YAAWN, The Groans

Photo of Trap Girl, courtesy of Punk In The Trunk

Saturday 31st – MONSTROUS HYBRIDS: GataTECH, Big Epoch, Igor Amokian, J3M5, O.C.D., VJ Franz K, Daze of Futures Passed

Sunday 1st – Bernard Herman (On Tour), Platonic Sex (On Tour), Nightspace, The Cthulhus, morgue toad
Wednesday 4th – Beast Nest (On Tour), Slanted Square (On Tour), Flower Patterns (On Tour), Big Debbie, Gorgeous Vermillion, JFFZLLA
Friday 6th – CATACOMBS V.II: Night Shapes (On Tour), Post Dominance, Moribund Rodents, Bell Tower Bats, and DJ’s Gemichrist & Lexicross
Tuesday 17th – Drunken Palms (On Tour), Alien Boy (On Tour), Tomber Lever, The Groans, sandlot
Saturday 21st – Collective Soul Music Festival: Vast Connection, Boo, Eden Cantu, NOHEMI CAMACHO, SHOCK
Sunday 22nd – Twincest, Mako Fury, Pastel Felt, Planet Vegeta, Bellhaunts, Dismembered Goddess

Friday 4th – Punk in the Trunk: R.ariel (On Tour), Prissy Whip, N A P S, Orange Day Glo, Seth Woodward
Saturday 5th – TIFF@SHOWS: Halfgrass, The Vibekills, Dead Bedouin, Them Howling Bones, MELTED, CADILLAC FREEZE
Friday 11th – Bleak (On Tour), Amps for Christ, Black Artiodactyls, X-eyes, Witches of Malibu, Misery Ritual
Tuesday 15th – Break The Laws Booking: Loyal To The Grave (On Tour), Hammerfist, Abused, Vamachara, World of Pain
Friday 18th – Only For Pleasure: Shojo Winter, Shit Giver, The Lowered, The Victoriana, DJ’s Pruce Berdew
Saturday 19th – Dead Recipe (On Tour), Stay Cool Forever, Margot Pauline, Hair Perfect

Saturday 2nd – Life Crisis (On Tour), The Blues (On Tour), Esmoladera, Gorgeous Vermillion, The Twincest Orchestra
Tuesday 5th – DIY4LYFE: Panoramic (On Tour), Talk Tired Thanatoid (On Tour), Tomber Lever, Beargatsby, Party Cuts
Friday 8th – Venus Milk (On Tour), The Groans, Frisco Dykes, The Pezheads, Caterwaul
Friday 15th – Getting Out Of The Garage Presents: Liquid, Strange People, The Illustrative Violet, Birote The Musical, Tim Zimlich, The Ruins of Neptune, Jewel Thieves of an Infinite Cosmos, VibesnStuff
Sunday 17th – Frisco Dykes, Caterwaul, Buther Boys, The Cheez Beneath Clint Eastwoods Balls
Wednesday 20th – Diners (On Tour), Tomber Lever (On Tour), Birote the Musical (On Tour), Steady Lean
Friday 22nd – Strange Imperial, Old Blood, Iris
Saturday 23rd – Pomona Economic Opportunity Center Benefit w/ Moxiebeat, Marron, New Ruin, Bastidas!, Umbra Vita
Sunday 24th – Miss Moist (On Tour), softdrink, Galaxias Eternas, Lealani, Duderella
Wednesday 27th – Unwritten Pistols, The Pezheads, Hair Perfect, Half Grass, Lakanfula
Friday 29th – PROM KING (On Tour), M A T H, ¡Socorro!, Mouthful of Snow, The Lowered

Wednesday 3rd – The Rafters, Tomber Lever, We Are Skywalkers, Mad Survivor
Friday 5th – John Bellows (On Tour), Gibberish, C. Kiten, Smiling Beth, dæmons
Saturday 6th – PURITY//CONTROL, Riddler Smoke, LOERA, O.C.D., Blind Item, _jstn
Sunday 7th – Blister (On Tour), Frisco Dykes, Popsical, No Side, The Groans
Wednesday 10th – Post Life, Jody, Steady Lean, Follies
Friday 12th – Catacombs Volume III w/  They Feed At Night, Bed Bugs, Moribund Rodents, DJ Grimm Beats
Saturday 13th – Oso Oso (On Tour), Prince Daddy & The Hyena (On Tour), Just Friends (On Tour), Hillary Chillton
Wednesday 17th – Ambersmoke (On Tour), Pornography Ethics, Too Fat To Die, Exploding Casket Syndrome, Ros Feja
Friday 19th – Paisley Nightmare (On Tour), Condemned Choir, Mo Dotti, Meta Dad, Disco Porno Yo Yo
Saturday 20th – C.J. Boyd (On Tour), TOOTHLESS, Family Friends, PAUX, She Knew
Sunday 21st – Watabou (On Tour), Lealani, The Bedroom With, Planet Vegeta, The Rafters
Wednesday 24th – European Baths (On Tour), Tomber Lever, Frisco Dykes, Ariel View, Caterwaul
Friday 26th – Big Epoch vs gataTECH, Dj E-Spinfiniti, Igor Amokian, J3M5, M15H4P, VJ Franz K, Conrad Burnham
Sunday 28th – Panoramic, Shojo Winter, Damaris Paz, Half Grass, Matt Sturgis and Friends, Birote The Musical

Friday 4th – Beat Cinema Basement Sessions: Geronimo X, Heddy Fur, Rayreck, Rick G, Dj Dropdead
Tuesday 8th – Steel Chains (On Tour), Bed Bugs, Fantasy Lane, Cyclosarian
Wednesday 9th – Dead Soft (On Tour), Goon, Steady Lean, West America, Hillary Chillton
Saturday 12th – C10 (On Tour), Sean Seaton (On Tour), Extended_Release (On Tour), LOERA, J. De Sosa, DJ _JSTN
Wednesday 16th – The Groans, Lealani, Unwritten Pistols, Mako Fury, Ariel View
Friday 18th – Break The Laws Booking: Death March, Human Garbage, Iron Curtain, Skeptical Youth, 21 GUn SalUte
Sunday 20th – Arma Agharta (On Tour), LUUM, Courtaud and Bobtail, Pure Shit, LEISURE WORLD, Ros Feja
Tuesday 22nd – Neighbors (On Tour), Pastel Felt, Judcody Limon, Nymphlodes
Wednesday 23rd – Underpass (On Tour), Mourning Coup (On Tour), Headdress, Sashclotch and Axes
Friday 25th – Tabor Mountain (On Tour), Ssssss, Casey Chisholm, The Lowered
Sunday 27th – New Wave Easter: Hit Bargain (On Tour), Afraid (On Tour), Shivering Window, Ros Feja

Friday 1st – Tiff@SHOWS: Playboy Manbaby (On Tour), Beargatsby (On Tour), BAUS (On Tour), Dumb Fucks
Saturday 2nd – Curse (On Tour), Select Sex, Butcher Boys, J. De Sosa, Boyeater
Friday 8th – Nathan Alfaro Benefit Show: YAAWN, Layman, Frisco Dykes, The Groans, little prince xoxo
Wednesday 13th – Lake Mary (On Tour), Eric Rich Ensemble (On Tour), Crown Larks (On Tour), Ambersmoke, Kevin Greenspon
Thursday 14th – Garageland Afterschool Special: Kidpowow, Daydream Time Machine, Manray and The Megalodons
Friday 15th – Justus Profitt (On Tour), Beargatsby, Tanner Duffy, Littlest Sister, Half Grass
Sunday 17th – Judcody Limon, Bellhaunts, Mad Survivor, Goon
Tuesday 19th – The Regular Ass Rap Show: WeAreSkywalkers, The Rafters, Speeks Geak, Johnnie Bars
Saturday 23rd – Ian Svenonius Presents Censorship Now! and What is a Group?
Sunday 24th – The Violet Mindfield, Tomber Lever, West America, Seaweed Head, The Cthulhus
Tuesday 26th – Cult Babies (On Tour), Crow Baby, Post Life, Frisco Dykes

Sunday 1st – La Bella, Moxiebeat, Just, VRIL
Tuesday 3rd – Naked Naps (On Tour), Sunset Swim, Steady Lean, SLICE
Friday 6th – The Party’s Over Presents: Know Secrets (On Tour), Tomber Lever, Pinned In Place
Friday 13th – Beat Cinema Basement Sessions: Low Key, Chapter 3, Ste Stavy, VIK, Captain Kirk
Sunday 15th – Birote The Musical, Tomber Lever, West America, Strange People, BCGs
Friday 20th – Angelo Harmsworth (On Tour), Waytansea Point (On Tour), Ghost Fields (On Tour), Matthew Dotson, Thomas Richey, Conrad Burnham, DJ Enemie USA
Sunday 22nd – Stagnant Chow Fest: New Berlin (On Tour), She Knew, Chikochikorita, Planet Vegeta, Marla, Mildriot, Pornography Ethics

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